Our Facilities

Advancements in dental technology can offer you modern solutions to traditional dental problems. The driving force behind technological advances is our desire at alleppeydental to provide you with leading edge dental treatment that can be performed in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner.

New technologies are developed with a focus on creating products and developing techniques that can be used by your dentist to help prevent, diagnose and/or treat dental conditions and diseases early and effectively.

There are many dental technologies for your dentist to choose from, with benefits that can provide you with more comfort and ease during treatment.

  • Biggest dental clinic in Alappuzha, Kerala
  • Service of highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  • World class treatment facilities & ultra hygienic environment.
  • Clinic incorporated with the most modern imported equipments.
  • Strict adherence to International Orthodontic treatment Philosophies.
  • Audio-visual oral health education
  • Dental health counseling services
  • Full-fledged dental laboratory
  • Sophisticated X-ray unit
  • Facility for Online Appointments.
  • Treatment at astonishingly reasonable prices.
  • Dental tourism packages.

All types of Dental Treatment done in our Clinics, under best sterilization care, by all Specialist Doctors.

  • Special care for foreign Patients & NRI patients who are on a very short visit to Kerala. We complete their Full Mouth Dental Treatment during their short 1 Week /2 Weeks visit by all our Dental Faculty Specialists.
  • Special site seeing tour of Mumbai is also arranged for Foreign patients.
  • Cosmetic Treatment (Smile Design) done to improve the looks & smile of the patients.
  • Replacement of Missing teeth done by all methods (Implants, Fixed Caps/Bridges & Removable Dentures)
  • Silver fillings to tooth coloured Ceramic/Cosmetic fillings, alltypes of filling materials available to fill cavities.
  • Whitening of Teeth (Bleaching)done.
  • Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment done to avoid multiple injections & multiple visits & thus reducing patient apprehension.
  • Single Sitting Full Mouth Dental Treatment done by our pedodontist for Children who are afraid and are non co-operative for dental Treatment, under Conscious Sedation (Sleeping Condition) in our clinics, no hospital admission required.
  • Orthodontic Treatment(Teeth Straightening Treatment) done by Invisible Braces by our Orthodontist.
  • All types of Extractions done (Simple, Surgical & Wisdom tooth) under proper sterilization care.
  • Cleaning and Polishingof Teeth & Gums done regularly for patients every 6 months
  • All Faculty of Dental Specialists available in our Clinics for their Expertise opinion & the Best Treatment option for each & every Patient.
  • Both Cosmetic & Charitable Clinic branches are opened to take care of all class of patients.
  • Atleast one of our Clinics are Open on Sundays & Bank Holidays to take care of Emergency Dental Treatment & for patients who do not have time on week days for their dental treatment.